The member token's origin

With the advent of new technology, humans are moving from the physical world to the virutal one, the metaverse. However, we believe that humans will not live solely in either the virtual or the physical world but a world between the two.

Merchant interactions would be the first instance of people living in between the physical and virtual worlds. A marketplace is where customers not only purchase their wants and needs but also build a connection with owners and merchants. In the past 15 years, business owners have tried to track the loyalty of their customers and provide VIP services in order to strengthen and reward that brand loyalty.

However, marketplace being where people live in and build connection with others, customers not only have interaction with merchants but also with other customers. Additionally, shop owners and customers are not the only entities in the consuming scene. Taking bistro as an example, there might be bistro owners, customers, bartenders, content creators, etc.

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