Karma is a space where customers can connect and build loyalty with merchants through an enhanced experience provided by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Our vision is to build a consumer experience in the web3 era where customers can customize member rights conforming to their own individualized preferences own. Merchants can also reach out to their most loyal customers and provide them exclusive benefits for their commitment. These members will truly own their membership through the usage of their NFT as proof of their membership.

Currently, membership is rewarded based on a consumer's purchase history. However, this purchase history and membership is recorded solely from the merchants which prevents consumers from being able to share in the rewards and benefits earned through their expenditures.

With our member tokens, we help customers own their membership and connection with their favored merchant while also allowing merchants to strengthen their connections to their consumers. We accomplished this goal by building a platform in which consumers can enjoy special benefits and experiences through their contributions to a restaurant. The ownership and proof of membership is tracked through the member token.

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