Membership community

Member communities should be composed of four relationships: Merchants to customers, customers to merchants, customers to customers, and merchants to merchants. First, memberships in a web3 era should be interactive between shop owner and customers. As opposed to legacy membership systems, customers can not only consume, but also contribute to the shop by interacting with other members, new or old, to solidfiy and broaden the community of the merchant. On the other hand, merchants can reward special services to the customers who have contributed to the shop.

Occasionally, mercahnts can airdrop specific NFT items to customers in order to provide customized consumer experiences. Secondly, NFT member tokens enable transparent membership programs and relationships. Customer can transfer their member token a new customer. Additionally, customers can have a stronger sense of belonging with each other by being the a fellow holder of the member NFT. Furthermore, item NFTs allow all members to distinguish each other through their own preferences, since different NFT items represent a difference of preferences amongst members. Lastly, with the growth of the membership community, more merchants can join, and thus the memberships would expand the membership community as relationships become more abundant. Merchants are no longer just a place where people consume but a tight community that people live in, with both shop merchants and customers committed to developing the community.

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