Member rights

Description of Valley22 member rights.

The member rights of Valley22 first phase member token holders are unlocked according to the number of member tokens minted.

When minted token > 22 (Member only)

In this phase, member token holders are endowed with member exclusive rights, including member-only NFT cocktail sets and the ability to provide shots for everyone.

  • Member-only NFT cocktail set

    [Only Valley22 member token holders can order]

    The NFT set is composed of three unique cocktails.

  • Shots for everyone

    [When member token holders ring the bell at Valley22, free shots are presented for everyone in Valley22, whether they are members or not]

    All participants are welcomed in the community.

When minted token > 88 (Welcome newbie)

Member token holders can interact with bar not only by consuming.

  • Member-only bonus

    [Special bonus Sparkling wine with four people reservation]

    The best way to invite others to join a community is to make them experience it.

  • I drink I shake

    [Experience your bartender debut and invite your friends to enjoy together]

    As a space where people can reside, members can not only drink but also make their own cocktails and invite other members or friends to take a taste.

When minted token > 222 (Hi community)

Member token can interact with community include bar and other members not only one of them.

  • NFT MVP each month

    [NFTs of the top three members by consumption are displayed in Valley22 per month] The members who contribute the most at Valley22 are awarded this title. Each member has an equal chance to be awarded, it's not solely based according to their monetary purchase history but also by their engagement with the platform.

  • Propose and earn

    [Propose your own cocktail, and take 10% shares of the cocktail ordered]

    Each member can propose their own cocktail in the proposal. Once the proposed cocktail is voted as the winner in a proposal to the community, Valley22 would list the cocktail and provide a 10% share of the profits from the cocktail to the proposer.

  • Member Meet-up

    [Meet-up for members to communicate knowledge, interest, or just chitchatting]

    Hold the member meet-up monthly. There will be different topics each month for members with different interests.

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