Consumer experience and NFTs

Customers have member rights and build their legacy through their purchase history in a consumer-centric experience. Karma utilizes member tokens, through a non-fungible-token (NFT), to empower customers to achieve this. Each NFT is unique, exclusive, and interchangeable. With the properties of NFTs, customers gain

  • Ownership: Consumers build their own history through their purchase histroy at a merchant. Customers purchase and contribute to the merchant while earning and potentially selling their member tokens.

  • Transferrable Value: Each interaction with a merchant can be tokenized and tracked as a contribution through a member token. The value of that contribution can be transferrable and traded.

  • Customer-centric: Consumer experiences are not only an interaction with one merchant but also establish one’s own reputation with multiple merchants. With the interoperability of a member token, the consumer's behavior can create a connection between themselves and a series of merchants.

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