Customer-focused Membership


We've created a unique way to be a consumer. In this system, you can earn different member tokens by simply spending and purchasing. Member tokens are Item NFTs which allow individuals to redeem special services or customizeed bonuses. Since member tokens are customized to your individual preferences, they will be tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Avatar NFTs

Avatar NFTs are ERC-721 compatible tokens. Each avatar NFT represents different members connecting with different merchants. Once people own an Avatar NFT, you can start building connections and loyalty with a merchant.

  • For the merchant : “To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools.” Everything starts with the avatar NFT. Once you own avatar NFT, you can earning experience. After having an Avatar NFT and collecting member tokens, each individual member token can be used to decorate or provide accessories to your avatar, creating and representing the unique member rights provided by the merchant.

Member token

Member token are ERC-1155 compatible tokens. Each member token is endowed with different rights by the merchant. People can redeem different rewards with different member tokens.

  • Building consumer loyalty: Customers accumulate loyalty points by ordering specific types of cocktail, and once enough points are accumulated, a unique member token will be airdropped. Imagine as an example that a customer orders a different whisky every time they arrive at a speakeasy, this customer could be whiskey afficinado. After cumulating a certain amount of points from drinking whiskey cocktails, the customer would earn a whisky member token. By providing a whisky member token, merchants will endow special privileges related to whisky for this customer.

  • Special Rights : People can not only earn member tokens by consuming, but also earn via merchant contributions. Contributing in KARMA’s marketplace platform means that people can show their dedication and loyalty to merchants through interacting and highlighting them through social media or the metaverse. These online contributions will be record through digital print.

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